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Ordering Information

Nearly all of my flutes are made to order, so it's rare that I have much in the way of inventory to offer for general sale. However, if you need a flute in a specific time frame, please don't hesitate to call or email me. I will do by best to accommodate your needs.

The time frame for new orders can run from just a couple of weeks, out to six or eight weeks, depending on the number of pending orders. The usual time frame is about four weeks. The months leading up to the Holiday Season are generally busier.

I make flutes in all keys, spanning more than 2-1/2 octaves. Alternate tunings are also available. All of my flutes will have an alternate scale within the primary tuning. For example: a flute tuned to minor pentatonic "G" will also have a complete "Bb" major (do, re, mi...) scale within the primary "G" minor tuning. This opens up a lot of music for the player.

Prices for mid-range flutes start around $175.00. Bass flutes start in the $350.00 range, and the larger side-blown bass flutes start around $450.00.

The lowest bass flute I make is my side-blown contra bass "C" for $750.00. It is approximately 45-1/2 inches long, with an outside bore diameter of nearly 3 inches. I've added recessed thumb rests to this flute which makes the flute quite comfortable to play. However, this flute is intended for the accomplished player.

Keep in mind that some of the exotic wood species can add substantially to the cost of a flute.

Drones, triples and quads are also available.

All flutes must meet the client's expectations.

If you have any questions, or you would like to place an order, please contact me.

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